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Retro Racers 3D
Slotcar Mania
Electric Racing
Army Car Team
Sportsbike Challenge
Sportscar Racing
Xmas Cookie Quest
Roller Rider
Supercar Parking 3
Muscle Car Parking
Parking Superskills 2

Mobile games by Longanimals

Blobs Adventure

Blob has crashed his space ship on Blobland, and must find a new rocket to escape before the Alienblobs catch him! The latest game from TurboNUKE is a simple and fun tilting labyrinth style puzzler. The game takes you through grassy, rocky, and icy terrains, using pick ups and physics to progress through each level.

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Rock Vs Zombies

When a horde of blocky zombies have invaded your home, every second counts. Roll out an awesome GIANT ROCK to squash those undead foes, in a 3D physics tilt game that takes no prisoners. You will need to think quickly to avoid danger along the way, and to destroy all the zombies before time runs out...

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General Smashup

Call for general Smashup, aliens have invaded, and zombies, and enemy tanks. Using the general's arsenal of military vehciles, you must help him get through 5 areas of hostile enemies to reach him goal. Upgrade your engines, buy new better vehicles in order to complete your mission.

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Sportsbike Challenge

Take the Sports Bike Challenge. Race your sports bike through the city, desert, outback, mountains and salt lake. Race against 8 other competitors on each stage. Use your turbo to overtake and win the race. Upgrade your bikes engine, handling and turbo in order to progress.

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ultimate dirtbike usa

Motocross dirt bike racing at its best, this time its American Dirt bike action. Race your dirt bike over a series of 40 moto X courses with swings, log ramps, barrels, posts, scales tricky physics based action to overcome. Lean back and forward on the bike to do front and back wheelies yo help you over the obstacles. Superb physics and bike handling will help you get to the end of the level.

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zombie pickup survival

The Zombie hordes are gathering. Drive your pickup truck through the city, along the Marina, the Race Track, the Mansion and the Parkland.Rescue all the survivors and upgrade your pickup for mass zombie destruction. Set over 20 fiendish levels, you must use your car skills to run over the zombies, smash them into spikes and generally take them down.

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parking super skills 2

Test your super car parking and driving skills even further. Are you the carparking champion ?
This time there are added tests: Mole Hunt, Car Golf, Melon Squish, and of course tricky parking manoevers, all based in a new park environment. With 3 difficulty levels per mission, this should test anyone's driving skills.

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roller rider

Roller Rider challenges you to race hundreds of feet above the ground, screaming up and down winding narrow tracks, and blasting past your opponents. Dare to take your hands of the wheel and wave in the air for extra turbo!

100 Challenges featuring Race, Versus, Time Trial, No Walls and Pick-Up Events.

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muscle car parking

Its parking Muscle Car style, with 10 levels of top quality parking action, this time with reverse parking ! Even more exciting that Steve McKing in the film Ammo.

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supercar parking 3

The latest installment in the Supercar Parking series, with even more levels to play. This time park the Supercars in the Marina, the City, the park and also the Mansion. Unlock 3 different cars to play with. Avoid other cars and pedestrians. Be careful not to crash, as boy those supercars sure are expensive. Try to get 5 stars on every level.

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snowboard king

Take to the snow on your snowboard and become the Snowboard king, race over 72 levels as legendary snowboarders Dan LeClark, Michigan Pete and Rooster McVeigh, each with their very own custom stunt moves (including the Hecktopus!). Race against time, giant snowballs, fishmen, fire gates, hurdles, woolly mammoths and much much more.

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dirtbike racing

Soccer physics puzzles, with over 70 levels this game will keep you entertained for hours, simply score the goal by completing various puzzles. From the creators of Soccerballs, the hit game comes a new take on football physics puzzles, especially designed for mobile/tablets.

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dirtbike racing

Drive your dirtbike over a crazy dirtbike track with rocks and obstacles to navigate. Hit the jumps and hoops to get a speed boost, knock your opponents for cash bonuses. Spend the money on upgrading your bike and try and win the season to unlock new tracks.

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flappy prumpa

Help Prumpa the Flatulent Elephant on his mission to eat cakes and doughnuts. Luckily his windypoos enable him to fly, so he can get all the food he wants.
Get Highscores and Awards in this tribute to Flappy Bird!

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harry quatum 4

Harry Quantum PI is back on the case. the Smash Rock band Corned Beef Owls have gone off the radar and Harry has a mission from Percy the drummer to come to Loch Bess as something suspicious is happening. Can Harry find out what is going on in Doc the lead guitarists Castle and save Percy ? Only you can help him solve the clues and uncover the puzzles in this retro point and click adventure game.

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parking superskills

A true test of your parking skills, with added mini games:
Parking Soccer, Parking Crate Smash, and Car Beach Ball Crush. Oh and multiple missions per level. It's all set in a car park with as much excitement as Tom Crooze in the impossible missions.

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drive town taxi

Take control of a taxi and undertake lots of missions, against the clock. Drive around town picking up passengers, or collecting cash. Also you may have to ram other rival taxis!

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super car parking 2

Parking is back, with both parallel and straight parking modes !
s well as reversing, you can park straight ahead!
Set over a series of levels with more action than Keanu Reaves in the film The Matrix. (nearly).

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truck monsters

Monster Truck racing with a difference - you are the monster, and you like to break things!
Race loads of different creatures over 4 different worlds, each increasing in difficulty.
SLAM your truck on to breakable scenery to give yourself turbo boosts. 
Perform stunts in-air to increase nitro effeciveness.

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supercar parking

Use your parking skill to park the supercar in the super market carpark. Try not to crash it too much and park within the time limit. And then do it all again in a series of levels more exciting than Kiefer Sutherland in 24.

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grand truckismo

Welcome to the crazy world of monster truck racing!Race through different stages and levels, upgrading your trucks and purchasing new ones as you go.Smash things. Lots of things. Earn money for smashing obstacles, which you can then spend on upgrades.

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blast driver

Become a secret agent assigned to the bomb division. Bombs have been planted on cars, and the accelerator pedal stuck down. The cars are out of control! Jump in to the cars and use your skill to get the car to the bomb squad safely on each level.

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Play through 72 levels of fiendish soccer physics action.
Score goals, and knock over referees, using a variety of strange objects and scenery.
Download press kit (8.36MB)

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flaming zombooka

FLAMING ZOMBOOKA (Free on the App Store)
Take on the Zombie Invasion with a BAZOOKA! But that's not all, collect new weapons, use various items to destroy the zombies in fun ways. Scythes, chainsaws, and of course a MASSIVE ANVIL! Enjoy loads of free levels, and unlock more if you want to.
Now download this for FREE, and kick some Zombie butt!

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redcard rampage

REDCARD RAMPAGE(Available on the App Store)
Easily one of the most entertaining and interesting physics games on the App Store, and who doesn't love watching cartoon referees get all angry and red-faced?!" John B of JayisGames
"How mad do you get when you're watching sports and the referee makes an idiotic call, costing your team points or, worse, the game? Wouldn't it be satisfying if you could kick a soccer ball at his big stupid bald head? In Red Card Rampage, you can." - slidetoplay.com

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